The Wolf is at the Door

AUDIO VERSION HERE After I wrote the messages about the harrow with the iron teeth and the connection to the wolf, a reader contacted me and informed me that the full moon on January 28th was known as the Wolf Moon. He also pointed out that another event takes place in the Hebrew calendar on... Continue Reading →

Weighed in the Balances

Audio Version HERE In the first week of November, during my time with the Lord, He spoke a phrase to me which set me off on a journey of discovery. "Saturation and compensation" He spoke it as if He was announcing actions that would be carried out. We are entering a period of saturation and... Continue Reading →

Stocking Your Portable Pantry

After mentioning that it may be wise to print out words on this site that the Lord has used in particular to speak to you, I have received a few requests for pdfs of the blog posts to facilitate printing. Please use the link below to a folder containing most of the posts for 2020... Continue Reading →

The Fuse Has Been Lit

Audio Version HERE On 4th November, when the ballots were being counted for the US election, I was contemplating what was unfolding and asked the Lord what He said about what was going on. Immediately He replied by singing the line of a song, "The kingdoms of this world, they have become the kingdoms of... Continue Reading →

Braced for the Journey Ahead

Audio Version HERE Today, precious saints, I would like to begin sharing with you some spiritual training I have been going through in the last four months. I am sure that you too have been going through intensive training and pressure. The Spirit is making sure we are ready for what comes. Navy seals go... Continue Reading →

Piercing the Darkness

Audio Version HERE On 23rd Sept, during the Days of Awe, I was awakened in the 3rd watch of the night with a vision. I saw soldiers in battle armor running forward into a pitch black night with their swords in their right hands – and strangely, each held a lit lantern in their left... Continue Reading →

Word for 5781

Audio Version Here On 19th September in the morning watch, I woke very early and the Lord started the conversation with a statement: "5781 – The Year of the Horse" "Which horse, Father?"  I asked. "The black horse... The year of famine and want, the year of cleanness of teeth and sorrow. There will be... Continue Reading →

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