Truth Has Fallen in the Streets

For two days, a phrase has been echoing in my conscious mind: TRUTH HAS FALLEN IN THE STREETS. There seem to be no better words to describe the chapter we have entered. There is so much misinformation being promulgated; so many lies being spread, that it is extremely difficult to find out the truth of... Continue Reading →

Sweet for Bitter

*This post has been updated 6th May 2021* Last week, I received 3 short dream fragments one after the other. In effect, they portray what is presently happening on the earth and what will continue to emerge into the light. I am going to share them one at a time, along with the understanding I... Continue Reading →

Rats and Riots

This morning, the Lord took me back to the River Arnon and indicated we were not finished with the topic. He pointed out again how king Sihon and all who were with him were drawn out onto the battle field at Jahaz, which means 'threshing floor', before being conquered. ┬áHe reminded me about the verse... Continue Reading →

Watching and Warning

I have noticed a definite shift in what the Lord is showing me in my dreams. For many years, my focus has been the preparation of the Bride, but since the beginning of the year 5778, I have received a considerable number of warning dreams. Some show great disaster unfolding by the hand of man,... Continue Reading →

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