The Double Portion Anointing

In this week before Passover, I want to share something the Spirit has shown me concerning the TWO anointings poured out on Jesus to prepare Him for the journey to the cross. However, as I am preparing for a 4 day conference over Passover, I am releasing the message as an audio. When I am... Continue Reading →

Moving From Aaron to Melchizedek

This is the second message concerning the consecration of the priesthood for this hour and again I am releasing the audio message first: AUDIO of MOVING FROM AARON TO MELCHIZEDEK Transcript Moving from Aaron to Melchizedek I want to continue just chatting about the consecration and ordination of the priesthood in this week of the... Continue Reading →

Consecration and Ordination

This the first in a series of 3 messages which I shall be releasing this pivotal week in Heaven's calendar. I am releasing the audio message first and will post the transcript as soon as it is done. Please listen to the content below. My prayer is that the light I share would be multiplied... Continue Reading →

Stealth Mode

  Precious saints, I was not planning to post this experience publicly but today, I realize the Lord was giving me a strong warning and I owe it to the Bridal Company to share it.   On the 18th April, I woke in the 3rd watch of night after a disturbing dream, in which I... Continue Reading →

Safely Ashore

Recently, the Spirit of the Lord began to share with me a prophetic message for the bondslaves of the Lamb from the pattern of the account of Paul's sea journey in Acts 27. Firstly, I want to go through it with you and then discuss the prophetic parallels. Paul had been imprisoned for a season... Continue Reading →

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