Personal Pollination

AUDIO VERSION HERE On the New Year for Trees, 28th Jan, Father began to speak more to me of the blossoming of the almond tree. "Come Daughter." I see an angel holding a glass preserving jar, which contains a silvery white, sparkling, wispy substance. He has an artist's paintbrush in his other hand and he... Continue Reading →

From Preparation to Positioning

AUDIO VERSION HERE Sometimes the Lord really makes me laugh. I had mentioned to you in my article 'Safe Transition' that I would send one more article and then withdraw to seek 'the King in the field' before Rosh Hashanah.  Two days ago, I was minding my own business, watering my garden, and the Lord... Continue Reading →

Eagle Logistics

The Lord has continued to add understanding using visions and dreams in the last few days. On 16th May, I dreamed that when someone tried to use the pump action of a hand sanitizer dispenser, it wouldn't work. When I opened it up and investigated, I discovered that there were worms blocking the spout of... Continue Reading →

Eagles in Training

After I had the dream of the fighter pilot call-up, I had a second dream in which I followed the two women who had been in conversation into an eagle sanctuary. There were many different fenced off protected portions, each with an Eagle or two inside. People were walking around viewing and studying the eagles.... Continue Reading →

Saints on Secret Assignment

Some days, I sleep soundly with hardly an interruption and other days, it is like Heaven has showed up for home movie night. Last night was just such a night! I feel what the Lord showed me is important, so would like to share it with you. In the first dream, I was listening to... Continue Reading →

Sanity in the Storm of 2020

Yesterday, 30th April,  I was drawn to this article which I first released in 2009. I was astonished at the relevance on this very day in which we find ourselves - and its correlation to the word I received 'Safely Ashore'!. Remember it is wisdom to take out of one's treasure box both the old... Continue Reading →

Father Speaks…

"Sit now. There is much to discuss. Be not busy about many things right now. Sit at My feet. Still your heart and mind. I have downloads for you, Spirit words brimming with life and power; Spirit words full of nourishment for this very hour. Words unheard within the halls of Christian city; sights unseen... Continue Reading →

Sensor or Censer…

This message is a transcript of the podcast 'Sensor or Censer' God is continuing to speak to me about the subject of frequency and the sound being released from our mouths and from our earthen vessels. Yesterday morning, April 1, He woke me up with 2 words; sensor and censer. They sound exactly the same... Continue Reading →

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