Last-Minute Instructions

AUDIO VERSION HERE Today is the ninth of April2021 and as I was just sitting before the Lord this morning, He indicated that He had something important to share with me and that I needed to record it. He said the following: "Daughter, this is an important message. You need to write it down and... Continue Reading →

Escape From Christendom

This is a guest word which I received in my inbox in the last two weeks, which so amazingly follows on from 'Deciding Your Destination', that I felt strongly I needed to share it. It is written in a style similar to the classic, Pilgrim's Progress. I am only posting the first few lines here... Continue Reading →

The Fuse is Lit ~ pt 2

Audio Version here In part 1 of this word, I mentioned the Lord giving a 40 day time line which ends on 14th December when the Electoral College vote takes place in the US. By 6pm on that day, it will be the exact midpoint of the Feast of Dedication, also called Hanukkah.  This celebration... Continue Reading →

Rats and Riots

This morning, the Lord took me back to the River Arnon and indicated we were not finished with the topic. He pointed out again how king Sihon and all who were with him were drawn out onto the battle field at Jahaz, which means 'threshing floor', before being conquered. ┬áHe reminded me about the verse... Continue Reading →

Reaping as We’re Going Home

  Today, I was watching a tribute to Ravi Zacharias, a giant in the faith who passed away this past week. He spoke of Eric Liddell, the runner whose life story and passion for holiness is told in the movie Chariots of Fire. Eric was quoted as saying "When I run, I feel His pleasure".... Continue Reading →

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