Personal Pollination

AUDIO VERSION HERE On the New Year for Trees, 28th Jan, Father began to speak more to me of the blossoming of the almond tree. "Come Daughter." I see an angel holding a glass preserving jar, which contains a silvery white, sparkling, wispy substance. He has an artist's paintbrush in his other hand and he... Continue Reading →

The Remnant Empowered & Enlightened

I have decided to release the audio version of this message first as I sense an urgency to get all the revelation I been given to date to the remnant. Conservative and Christian sites are not going to be available much longer on the internet. The purge has begun. I will release the transcript afterwards... Continue Reading →

Fix Your eyes on My Face

You can listen to the podcast of this message HERE This morning I was just meditating, resting in His presence and I was reminded of a vision and word I had many seasons ago of the Lord inviting His Bride to dance with Him. The Lord showed me we have begun the endtime dance with... Continue Reading →

Eagle Logistics

The Lord has continued to add understanding using visions and dreams in the last few days. On 16th May, I dreamed that when someone tried to use the pump action of a hand sanitizer dispenser, it wouldn't work. When I opened it up and investigated, I discovered that there were worms blocking the spout of... Continue Reading →

Wine From Wisdom’s Table

This morning, as I prepared to break bread, the Spirit directed me to the passage in Proverbs 9 which describes the invitation released to sit and partake at Wisdom's table. It is, I believe, the place where all of the remnant should be eating at this time. Wisdom is the correct application of revelational understanding... Continue Reading →

Finding Heaven’s Frequency

This message is a transcript of the podcast Finding Heaven's Frequency. However, I have expanded and added to what I shared in the podcast, as more revelation flowed while preparing the written message. I'd like to share with you what the Lord ministered to me early yesterday morning, March 29th. He woke me up very... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Lockdown

It's Thursday, 3/26/2020, I live in South Africa and our country is going into a national lock down at midnight tonight, for 3 weeks, 21 days, which ends on the 16th April, which just so happens to be the day after the 7 days of unleavened bread. The 21st Nisan/Aviv is when the Red Sea... Continue Reading →

A Crown to Conquer ~ pt 2

I'd like to share another dream with you. On the 1st of March, I dreamt that I was running the last lap of a race under a   very large, low full moon, but it was very misty. Because it was so dark, I somehow knew it was  astronomical twilight. There were many, many people running... Continue Reading →

Releasing Heaven’s Frequency

For 3 weeks in December, I heard absolutely nothing from the Lord - no visions, no dreams, no waking me up with a cryptic phrase, no specific scriptures popping up in my heart. I began to wonder if I was suffering from spiritual burnout after writing 4 books in one year. I bound and loosed,... Continue Reading →

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