Postscript to ‘Harrowing Time pt 1’

AUDIO VERSION HERE The Holy Spirit has a very interesting way of unfolding revelation. Often, He starts at the end and then leads one on a treasure trail of separate revelation pieces to the beginning of the matter—much like a trail of bread crumbs leading one out of a dark forest. Having written part one... Continue Reading →

Angels on Assignment

Please note that the message contained in this word holds true for the set-apart remnant, and not for those who talk the spiritual talk but do not walk the holy walk. AUDIO VERSION HERE "Daughter..." Yes, Lord... "Do NOT fear." It's hard not to fear, Lord. "Lift your eyes, look to the heavens." As I... Continue Reading →

The Legion of Hard Hitters

Recently, the Lord had me deep in psalms 45, 46 and 47, showing me they were ascending stairs for the endtime remnant army to go higher. Psalms 44 to 49 are written for the sons of Korah, and Korah means 'ice'. The Word of God tells us there are storehouses of ice and snow and... Continue Reading →

Father Speaks…

"Sit now. There is much to discuss. Be not busy about many things right now. Sit at My feet. Still your heart and mind. I have downloads for you, Spirit words brimming with life and power; Spirit words full of nourishment for this very hour. Words unheard within the halls of Christian city; sights unseen... Continue Reading →

He Tells His Secrets to His Friends

I sense this message is for a holy remnant of prepared and seasoned saints, not for the church at large. You will know who you are if this word witnesses with your spirit. If it doesn't, it just means you will be serving Kingdom purposes in other departments of His Kingdom blueprint. We are all... Continue Reading →

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