Truth Has Fallen in the Streets

For two days, a phrase has been echoing in my conscious mind: TRUTH HAS FALLEN IN THE STREETS. There seem to be no better words to describe the chapter we have entered. There is so much misinformation being promulgated; so many lies being spread, that it is extremely difficult to find out the truth of... Continue Reading →

Postscript to ‘Harrowing Time pt 1’

AUDIO VERSION HERE The Holy Spirit has a very interesting way of unfolding revelation. Often, He starts at the end and then leads one on a treasure trail of separate revelation pieces to the beginning of the matter—much like a trail of bread crumbs leading one out of a dark forest. Having written part one... Continue Reading →

Sweet for Bitter

*This post has been updated 6th May 2021* Last week, I received 3 short dream fragments one after the other. In effect, they portray what is presently happening on the earth and what will continue to emerge into the light. I am going to share them one at a time, along with the understanding I... Continue Reading →

Prepare, Prioritize, Purify

I am going to share two encounters I had with the Lord which pertain to the times ahead. I do not know the exact timing of the unfolding but I know God is faithfully warning His remnant ahead of time. On the 4th April (which was 10th Aviv/Nisan), I half-surfaced from sleep at about 3am,... Continue Reading →

A Crown to Conquer…

  You will remember that at the end of February I released an interpretation of tongues and in that word the Lord said, "When the days of trouble strip away the mundane and everything changes, you will realize that I Am is strong in you. Be about my business and I will take care of... Continue Reading →

Word from the Lord 28th Feb 2020

This word came as an interpretation of tongues. I will add nothing or explain no further. The Lord makes clear what He is saying: "Hear Me, My people. The days are short and much trouble comes. But do not fear. I am with you to deliver you. Be not troubled about many things like Martha,... Continue Reading →

What Cannot be Shaken…

On the morning of 12th October 2019, I was awakened at 2:21am and asked the Lord if the time was significant. He referred me to Isaiah 2:21. After looking it up, I knew it was time to share a vision He had given me the previous week. Isa 2:20  In that day men shall cast... Continue Reading →

When One Part Suffers…

Beloved, I was so moved this morning as I read of the new wave of suffering hitting our brothers and sisters in China. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own situations, our own problems, our own challenges, that we forget that we are part of ONE BODY and that when one part suffers,... Continue Reading →

Hear ye, hear ye!

This morning (May 3rd), as I was worshiping at the piano, I saw many hundreds of angels, flying fast, having been dispatched with scrolls to the Bride. Then I watched as each one stood like a town crier in front of one of the Lord’s beloved, as they read in a loud sing-song voice to each one:... Continue Reading →

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