Weighed in the Balances

Audio Version HERE In the first week of November, during my time with the Lord, He spoke a phrase to me which set me off on a journey of discovery. "Saturation and compensation" He spoke it as if He was announcing actions that would be carried out. We are entering a period of saturation and... Continue Reading →

Word for 5781

Audio Version Here On 19th September in the morning watch, I woke very early and the Lord started the conversation with a statement: "5781 – The Year of the Horse" "Which horse, Father?"  I asked. "The black horse... The year of famine and want, the year of cleanness of teeth and sorrow. There will be... Continue Reading →

Food for the Journey

AUDIO VERSION HERE This is an assimilation of important things I have heard concerning the last bit of preparation time we currently traverse and these times we are moving into. I am just going to share them one after the other. Some are connected. Some stand alone:  "You have 3 days"On the 2nd August, the... Continue Reading →

Preparation for Famine

I have noticed a distinct change in the tone of the dreams and visions I have been given in the last 6 weeks. There have been many more warning dreams and instructions for preparation to endure what is ahead. God is so caring and kind to His children and He always sends instruction ahead of... Continue Reading →

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