Building a Place for His Presence

'the store of glory held back and appointed for the time of the end' Audio Version Here The Spirit is really stressing the subject of priorities at the moment. The day after releasing Priority Determines Portion, He instructed me to read the Book of Haggai. Right away in chapter 1, The Spirit addresses the people's... Continue Reading →

Priority Determines Portion

'Jealous God' by Dyed4you flags AUDIO VERSION HERE On 1st Feb 2021, I had a dream which connects to my message on Personal Pollination. It both adds detail and contains a strong warning. In the dream, a certain man and myself had just returned from doing the Lord's work and as we entered the house,... Continue Reading →

Piercing the Darkness

Audio Version HERE On 23rd Sept, during the Days of Awe, I was awakened in the 3rd watch of the night with a vision. I saw soldiers in battle armor running forward into a pitch black night with their swords in their right hands – and strangely, each held a lit lantern in their left... Continue Reading →

Increased Measures of Glory

We are speeding towards our appointment with Rosh Hashanah and many people I know are experiencing an increased measure of attack and spiritual warfare as these days of Elul pass by. This morning, the Lord gave me a glimpse of what is actually occurring behind the scenes. For me to explain simply the understanding that... Continue Reading →

Lessons From the Ashes ~ pt 3

I just love the way God speaks through parables and the things that come our way in everyday life! Last weekend, I visited the Lourensford Wine Estate which I mentioned in part 2 of this message, and there had been some interesting changes which spoke to me in the Spirit. Firstly, the ancient stone pathway... Continue Reading →

Spirit Wind Quartet ~ pt 2

On Passover this year, I noticed a strange cloud in the sky. It was shaped exactly like a plucked leaf, even having a dainty little stalk. The cloud was completely motionless, suspended in the sky. I was reminded of the scripture which tells us that the leaves of the trees are for the healing of... Continue Reading →

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