Moving From Aaron to Melchizedek

This is the second message concerning the consecration of the priesthood for this hour and again I am releasing the audio message first: AUDIO of MOVING FROM AARON TO MELCHIZEDEK Transcript Moving from Aaron to Melchizedek I want to continue just chatting about the consecration and ordination of the priesthood in this week of the... Continue Reading →

Consecration and Ordination

This the first in a series of 3 messages which I shall be releasing this pivotal week in Heaven's calendar. I am releasing the audio message first and will post the transcript as soon as it is done. Please listen to the content below. My prayer is that the light I share would be multiplied... Continue Reading →

He Changes Times and Seasons

AUDIO VERSION HERE In my last post, I mentioned that Adar is the 12th month of the Hebrew calendar; that being the month when the final loose ends of the previous season are being tied up neatly and all last minute preparations of the big NEW season being put in place. ┬áSo now let's look... Continue Reading →

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