Two Companies Released

AUDIO VERSION HERE I want to pick up where I left off in the messages from Passover, looking into the details given us about the death of Jesus on 14th Aviv. We know that at the exact time the lambs were slaughtered for Passover in Egypt, Jesus gave a triumphant cry, "It is Finished" and... Continue Reading →

The Double Portion Anointing

In this week before Passover, I want to share something the Spirit has shown me concerning the TWO anointings poured out on Jesus to prepare Him for the journey to the cross. However, as I am preparing for a 4 day conference over Passover, I am releasing the message as an audio. When I am... Continue Reading →

Moving From Aaron to Melchizedek

This is the second message concerning the consecration of the priesthood for this hour and again I am releasing the audio message first: AUDIO of MOVING FROM AARON TO MELCHIZEDEK Transcript Moving from Aaron to Melchizedek I want to continue just chatting about the consecration and ordination of the priesthood in this week of the... Continue Reading →

Consecration and Ordination

This the first in a series of 3 messages which I shall be releasing this pivotal week in Heaven's calendar. I am releasing the audio message first and will post the transcript as soon as it is done. Please listen to the content below. My prayer is that the light I share would be multiplied... Continue Reading →

A Consecrated Priesthood

I am just sending out a short note on the brink of Rosh Hashanah to share something special which follows up on the festival of firstfruits oil. I mentioned that it takes place on the 22nd Elul every year as the people presented their firstfruits virgin oil offerings to the Lord. The other event that... Continue Reading →

Sound of the Warrior Bride

I was so blessed on the weekend of the 7th Feb to be invited to minister at a very special place, the Bridal Chamber at House of Bread in the city of Bloemfontein, South Africa. For those of you who have no clue where on earth this is, this city has the honor of being... Continue Reading →

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