**Update:’The Night of Trial’

UPDATE AND RETRACTION It was announced in today's local newspaper that there are in fact no miracle babies and that the father in this story was given the 'news' of the so-called birth via cellphone from his girlfriend, who has since become very elusive. He himself has not seen these babies and cannot reach his... Continue Reading →

Prepare, Prioritize, Purify

I am going to share two encounters I had with the Lord which pertain to the times ahead. I do not know the exact timing of the unfolding but I know God is faithfully warning His remnant ahead of time. On the 4th April (which was 10th Aviv/Nisan), I half-surfaced from sleep at about 3am,... Continue Reading →

Increased Measures of Glory

We are speeding towards our appointment with Rosh Hashanah and many people I know are experiencing an increased measure of attack and spiritual warfare as these days of Elul pass by. This morning, the Lord gave me a glimpse of what is actually occurring behind the scenes. For me to explain simply the understanding that... Continue Reading →

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