Building a Place for His Presence

'the store of glory held back and appointed for the time of the end' Audio Version Here The Spirit is really stressing the subject of priorities at the moment. The day after releasing Priority Determines Portion, He instructed me to read the Book of Haggai. Right away in chapter 1, The Spirit addresses the people's... Continue Reading →

He Smites and He Heals

Audio Version Here In my last message, I shared how the Lord used the breaking of my ankle as a prophetic parable. Having been told it would take 6 weeks or 42 days to heal, the Holy Spirit said He was going to begin teaching me what the 42 months or 3&1/2 years ahead were... Continue Reading →

Checklist for the Days of Awe

The Lord works differently with each of us, but there is one thing we all have in common: the Holy Spirit brings to remembrance the things Jesus has said to us in the past. Quite often, when we revisit them, they speak as powerfully to us as the day we first heard Him utter the... Continue Reading →

Sifting and Setting Apart

Listen to Audio Version Here A number of times during the month of Elul, I have mentioned the subject of separation and differentiation – both of which are taking place among God's people at this time. God Himself says He will come and separate between sheep and sheep. Separation occurs at the threshing floor and... Continue Reading →

The Circuit Courts are Open

Greetings in the powerful Name of Jesus. I am not going to apologize for posting a number of messages in these days leading up to Passover. I have to be obedient to release the words He gives me to speak, at the moment He instructs to send them out. I answer to Him and you... Continue Reading →

The Assayer

Since releasing the word on the cleansing of His mouth, the Lord has been dealing with me in minute detail, leaving no stone unturned so that I may be able to say of the enemy, "He has nothing in me". Today, I am not writing to you concerning some deep revelation or lofty vision but... Continue Reading →

Rehear My Words

Well, here we are on the anniversary of the day God said, “Let there be Light”, Sept 16th/Elul 25th. There are only 5 more days before the Feast of Trumpets, which begins at sundown on Wednesday 20th September. While the shofar is blown once every day during the month of Elul to call people to... Continue Reading →

Punch Drunk…

Yesterday (8th Sept), when I heard of the earthquake in Mexico and while still thinking of Irma’s path of devastation, I saw a vision of a man in a boxing ring being hit first on one and then the other side of his head. One blow came after the other so fast that he didn’t... Continue Reading →

Lessons From the Ashes ~ pt 3

I just love the way God speaks through parables and the things that come our way in everyday life! Last weekend, I visited the Lourensford Wine Estate which I mentioned in part 2 of this message, and there had been some interesting changes which spoke to me in the Spirit. Firstly, the ancient stone pathway... Continue Reading →

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