Final Warning ~ pt 2

Audio Version HERE This is the second portion of what the Spirit shared with me for the 10th Cheshvan. This day when God gave the final warning to Noah was an auspicious date in Heaven's calendar for another reason. It was the day Gad was born! How very interesting that the warrior tribe was birthed... Continue Reading →

Father Speaks…

"Sit now. There is much to discuss. Be not busy about many things right now. Sit at My feet. Still your heart and mind. I have downloads for you, Spirit words brimming with life and power; Spirit words full of nourishment for this very hour. Words unheard within the halls of Christian city; sights unseen... Continue Reading →

Roundup of Revelation in May

The Lord has been sharing a number of things with me during this month of May and I felt that although I don’t yet have full understanding on all aspects of these revelations yet, I should still share what I have, so that others can pray into the topics. We all see in part and... Continue Reading →

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