And the He-Goats Will Fall…

AUDIO VERSION And the He-Goats Will Fall ~ Transcript Today is the 2nd of June, 2021. Last night I had a dream which featured a lot of water. It  also emphasised a theme of coming judgment and in part of the dream, a group from the mainstream church was staying in a hotel. I went... Continue Reading →

Divinely Triggered Separations

AUDIO VERSION This post has been an exceedingly difficult word to share as I know the release of it will trigger the beginning of its manifestation and have profound effects on  the lives of some members of the Bridal Company. I initially received this word on 22nd January 2021 and have been carrying it in... Continue Reading →

Sifting and Setting Apart

Listen to Audio Version Here A number of times during the month of Elul, I have mentioned the subject of separation and differentiation – both of which are taking place among God's people at this time. God Himself says He will come and separate between sheep and sheep. Separation occurs at the threshing floor and... Continue Reading →

Off With His Head!

I so love the way the Holy Spirit brings words from the past to remembrance. This morning, I received a prophetic word forwarded from a friend which spoke into the difference between the prophecies of the butler and the baker. immediately the Spirit reminded me of an article I had sent out in August 2007.... Continue Reading →

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