Fix Your eyes on My Face

You can listen to the podcast of this message HERE This morning I was just meditating, resting in His presence and I was reminded of a vision and word I had many seasons ago of the Lord inviting His Bride to dance with Him. The Lord showed me we have begun the endtime dance with... Continue Reading →

Sanity in the Storm of 2020

Yesterday, 30th April,  I was drawn to this article which I first released in 2009. I was astonished at the relevance on this very day in which we find ourselves - and its correlation to the word I received 'Safely Ashore'!. Remember it is wisdom to take out of one's treasure box both the old... Continue Reading →

The Spirit Wind Quartet

  The 31st May was the anniversary in the Hebrew Calendar of the day when the Spirit came like a mighty rushing wind upon the disciples, the Lord has been speaking to me much about the wind of the Spirit and focusing on the scene in Ezekiel, where the bones have all come together, bone... Continue Reading →

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