Winnowed ‘Night of Trial’

For those who haven't seen it, in my last message on winnowing words, the Lord said He will separate the precious from the vile, destroy that which carries the odor of death and preserve that which is valuable and useful to Him. So, as a demonstration of this very action, He instructed me to take... Continue Reading →

Winnowing our Words

AUDIO OF MESSAGE Since the discovery that the news report concerning the miracle birth was found to be full of inconsistencies, the Father has been showing me how my past few posts have been connected. He referred back to the two freezers of rotten food and the small remnant which remained good to eat once... Continue Reading →

Sifting and Setting Apart

Listen to Audio Version Here A number of times during the month of Elul, I have mentioned the subject of separation and differentiation – both of which are taking place among God's people at this time. God Himself says He will come and separate between sheep and sheep. Separation occurs at the threshing floor and... Continue Reading →

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