Winnowed ‘Night of Trial’

For those who haven't seen it, in my last message on winnowing words, the Lord said He will separate the precious from the vile, destroy that which carries the odor of death and preserve that which is valuable and useful to Him. So, as a demonstration of this very action, He instructed me to take... Continue Reading →

Winnowing our Words

AUDIO OF MESSAGE Since the discovery that the news report concerning the miracle birth was found to be full of inconsistencies, the Father has been showing me how my past few posts have been connected. He referred back to the two freezers of rotten food and the small remnant which remained good to eat once... Continue Reading →

The Plot Thickens

Following up on the 'birth of 10 babies' saga, it seems that the story is far from over, and that there is deliberate resistance to the unveiling of the truth. I would suggest that this is an indication to all of us that prayer concerning the sweeping away of the refuge of lies must be... Continue Reading →

Sudden Outage, Short Supply

Audio of Sudden Outage, Short Supply For me, it's very intriguing journey. When you're prophetic and things happen in your life, the Lord uses them to speak to you. And this is always the case with me. So on the 23rd of May, we were having a family gathering and I had to go into... Continue Reading →

**Update:’The Night of Trial’

UPDATE AND RETRACTION It was announced in today's local newspaper that there are in fact no miracle babies and that the father in this story was given the 'news' of the so-called birth via cellphone from his girlfriend, who has since become very elusive. He himself has not seen these babies and cannot reach his... Continue Reading →

Let Me Deal With Fear

The picture above is one of the first banners I ever made. Its a good time to come full circle and remind myself of this unchangeable truth! This week God addressed the subject of fear and how to be free of it in the days ahead. This is such an important topic as fear will... Continue Reading →

And the He-Goats Will Fall…

AUDIO VERSION And the He-Goats Will Fall ~ Transcript Today is the 2nd of June, 2021. Last night I had a dream which featured a lot of water. It  also emphasised a theme of coming judgment and in part of the dream, a group from the mainstream church was staying in a hotel. I went... Continue Reading →

“A New Chapter Begins…”

On the evening of the 1st June 2021, the Lord instructed me to sit with Him and record what He wanted to say. Of course, I did as He asked. What an honor to be His scribe! I am releasing the audio version first, simply because it was quick and easy to produce - and... Continue Reading →

Saturated and Ignited

I would like to share a vision and accompanying word which I received. It concerns the remnant as we await the promised outpouring and baptism of fire. I have recorded the audio version and will be posting the transcript below as soon as it is done. NOTE: In my vision, the head of grain I... Continue Reading →

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