Scrolls of Sound

AUDIO VERSION I just want to share with you some of the thoughts that the Holy Spirit is sharing with me in the current situation in South Africa. Well, we've had one wave of extreme violence and looting and warnings of another wave to come. The vision that someone had of Leviathan stirring up wave... Continue Reading →

Judah Goes First

AUDIO VERSION I have been meditating on our coming out of the world system as the remnant army of God and the Lord has been opening up some scriptures concerning this movement. I want to share to you from Psalm 114:1. ‘When Israel came forth out of Egypt, the house of Jacob, from a people... Continue Reading →

Pt 2 Babylon Has Fallen

AUDIO VERSION This is the third in a series dealing with the Blood of the Lamb. In my last message, I spoke of the power of the Blood and the decree ‘Babylon is fallen’.  Now I want to go into more depth about the role of the Blood in these end-times and share a warning... Continue Reading →

Issue a Decree ~ Babylon has fallen

AUDIO VERSION I am so grateful for the combined council and revelation given to the saints. We all see in part and it is such a blessing to experience the corporate seeing and hearing of the remnant. I say this because it has been crucial in putting together what I want to share. I have... Continue Reading →

Word of the Lord ~ Emma Stark, Glasgow Prophetic Centre

Even amongst the remnant, there is a call to greater purity, deeper holiness - a call to dwell with the Spirit of Burning. Listen to the Spirit of Holiness speak through Emma as she shares a very timely word for all those pursuing the narrow way.

The Secret Place of My Peace

AUDIO VERSION OF MESSAGE The Lord spoke such precious words of encouragement with me today and I would like to bless you with them. I was feeling a little bit irritated as I heard a conversation between two people on my way to going to spend time with the Lord. They were two supposed believers,... Continue Reading →

Feet of Iron and Clay

I wanted to just share with you a study that I'm busy with concerning a statue that Nebuchadnezzar saw that had the feet of iron and clay. This is not an exhaustive study on this topic but I just want to show you the connections the Holy Spirit gave me. I was prompted to do... Continue Reading →

The Army is within the Gates

AUDIO VERSION OF MESSAGE The Army is Within the Gates ~ transcript Hello, Precious Remnant.  I'd like to share with you something that I saw and heard on the 10th of June. The Lord said to me, "There are lambs falling through the cracks. My people are perishing for lack of knowledge."  And I heard... Continue Reading →

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